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commercial workshop in Los Angeles

Megan D.

40 national commercials, a bunch of tv guest stars, and film premiere at Cannes since taking Killian's Workshop!

Commercial acting classes

Carlin J.

Studying with Killian is a MUST; I've booked 7 commercials so far!

how to book commercials

Dionne G.

In Killian's workshop you get tangible tools that you can take with you to every audition. I booked a National in his office right after class!   Finally an LA workshop with actual results!  Love me some Killian!

how to book a commercial

Pei Y

Killian's Workshop bluntly taught me very useful techniques for Commercial Auditions that  helped me increase my bookings significantly!

commercial class

Yad H.

Killian's workshop was an eye and mind opening experience, and a real TRUE AUDITION environment!

commercial workshop

Joseph W

7 Commercials and 8 theatrical bookings since class! It's simple, if you want to feel more knowledgeable, more confident, and more prepared then sign up for his class now, seriously RIGHT NOW.

Commercial acting classes in Los Angeles

Edi V.

Killian's Workshop is one of the smartest decisions any commercial actor can make.

commercial acting class

Austin W

Didn't book a national for 2 years...until I took Killians workshop, then 4 weeks later I hopped on the booking train and kept on riding , thanks Killian!

commercial auditioning class

DaJuan J

I booked a national superbowl commercial after this class. Coincidence? I think not.

commercial classes in LA

Emil B

After ten years of already working in commercials, Killian's class gave me a new perspective on the casting process, a new way to approach my performances and most importantly, a new attitude.

how to audition for commercials

Silvana G

Killian's class was the missing piece to my audition puzzle! I've booked 17 spots since class (including a 12 spot National Campaign) Take his class!

how to audition for commercials

Donna B

We're never too old to learn new tricks. Since starting Killian's classes a few years ago I've booked more than 25 commercials─everything from automobiles to vitamins.