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Fully legally bonded
323-301-3901 6107 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038
Fully legally bonded

commercial improv


This 4 week workshop teaches the art of improvisation as it relates to commercial auditioning.

For MOST of Hollywood history of commercial auditioning, it was illegal for Casting directors to ask an actor to Improvise. That being said, over 95% of the time, if you have dialogue, the commercial director demands some form of improv. In 2016 SAG ratified a new contract that states the commercial casting director can now legally ask the actor to improvise, so this situation is not going away. You cannot be a working actor in the commercial world without possessing this skill. However, this doesn’t mean to just throw the script away and start over. It is MUCH different than doing improv on a stage. Even the best stage improvisors must learn how to adapt that skill to the commercial world.

I have paired up with an amazing Improv teacher and together we teach the basic rules of improv in the first half of every class and then I link it to a commercial audition in the second half of every class.

This class is truly fun and more importantly teaches the actor how to correctly apply the improv art when in an audition. The class size is limited to ensure proper attention is given to each actor.


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