Foundation Class


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This class was created at the request of agents and actors.  This 4 week on camera workshop is for those people that have very little experience in commercial auditioning. The Adult Commercial Workshop  may be a bit too advanced for someone that has never really been in front of a camera.  This class, taught by instructors that actually work in casting AND are two of the biggest commercial bookers in town! Jenny and Jared will teach you the basics of auditioning as well as the verbiage used in the industry. This class will get you up to par so that you can take the Adult Commercial Workshop and understand what Killian is talking about.  

The Foundation Class will be taught using Killian's technique so that actors who are new to this will be "bookable" by the end of the 4 week course.  Also, Killian will be there overseeing the auditions and giving feedback.  

This class is an incredible opportunity for the non-represented actor, as Killian will send the final audition to the top commercial agents in town so you can get representation and start booking work!!  

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Adult Workshop


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This 4 week on camera intensive focuses on Killian's specific technique to empower the actor to take their commercial career to the "next level". It is for actors that already have agency representation and are looking to become a force in the world of auditioning. The workshop encompasses every aspect of the commercial industry and teaches the actor how to excel in this competitive market. All levels of experience are welcome but the actor must have agency representation in order to guarantee a certain level of commitment within the class. The last class audition will be sent to the actors agent. Class size is limited to ensure proper camera time and one-on-one attention.

This class is the starting point for all great commercial actors.

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Callback Workshop


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This 4 week, on camera workshop was designed at the request of agents and commercial directors.

Each week is dedicated to recreating a different aspect of the callback scenario. This workshop is totally unique in Los Angeles. This is not for the beginner, nor people that are not represented by an agent or manager.

It was created for those seasoned actors that are in a "slump" or for those actors that receive a steady number of callbacks with a disproportionate ratio of bookings.

The last week of this class doubles as an actual performance in front of professional casting directors.

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Commercial Improv


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This 4 week workshop teaches the art of improvisation as it relates to commercial auditioning.

Although it is technically illegal (SAG rules) to be asked to improv in a commercial audition, every single audition i have gone on as an actor and every one I have worked in casting since 2007 has had some form of improv needed to book the job. You cannot become a working actor in this city without learning these skills.

I have paired up with an amazing Improv teacher and together we teach the basic rules of improv in the first half of every class and then I link it to a commercial audition in the second half of every class.

This class is truly fun and more importantly teaches the actor how to correctly apply the improv art when in an audition. The class size is limited to ensure proper attention is given to each actor.

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The Refresher


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Our core classes present a comprehensive view of everything that you’ll need to know as a commercial actor.

Unlike other workshops that are designed to be a money pit for the actor, I teach you everything you need to know in the first 4 weeks.

However, like with all good things in life, experience comes with practice.

The refresher classes are for those actors that have already completed one of the 4 week workshops. We work with actual commercial copy from my office to practice what you have learned in previous sessions.

These are not mandatory, and actors can come whenever they feel it is warranted.

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Spanish Commercial Workshop


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La técnica de Killian con el enfoque y sabor Hispano. Si hablas español, audicionas para ambos mercados y quieres tener comerciales bilingües y de doble mercado, tienes que tomar este curso. No solamente te vamos a dar las herramientas que necesitas para analizar la copia que se te dá para que te den el comercial, sino todo lo que necesitas para sentirte cómodo y dominar el español y su pronunciación. Siéntete cómodo y seguro en el idioma que menos lo estás y el tuyo va a ser pan comido. Mata dos pájaros de un tiro. Vanessa ha estado en el mundo comercial desde cuando vivía en la Ciudad de México, donde nació y creció, ahí escribió comerciales para Corona y Grupo Azor y lleva más de una década audicionando y grabando comerciales así como trabajando para Orlette Ruíz de Mambo Casting y Charisse Glenn, dos de las más respetadas Directoras de Casting en Los Ángeles. Con tres diferentes prespectivas: la del cliente, la de casting y la de actríz así como años viendo a cientos y cientos de actores entrar y salir de cuartos de audicion, Vanessa ha identificado las debilidades de los actores de habla hispana y esta lista para ayudarlos a lograr sus objetivos. En la última clase vamos a grabar tu audición y se va a mandar a algunos de los directores de casting más reconocidos en el mercado hispano como: Cindy Estada, Michael Sanford y Yolanda Guillen.

Killian's technique with the Hispanic spice. If you speak Spanish and go out for both markets and want to book double market and bilingual spots, take this workshop. Not only will it provide the tools you need to break down a copy and bring in what you need to book the job, it will give you the tools to master Spanish and it's pronunciation. Get confortable in the language that you are less used to and it will also help you excel in the one you already master. Kill two birds with one stone. Vanessa has been in the commercial world since she lived in Mexico City writing copy for companies like Corona and Grupo Azor, and over a decade in Los Angeles' Hispanic market auditioning and booking national commercials as well as working with Orlette Ruiz of Mambo Casting and Charisse Glenn, major casting directors in this city. With three different perspectives: the client, casting, and actress and all the years of seeing hundredths and hundredths of actors in and out of Hispanic commercial casting rooms, Vanessa has pin pointed exactly what actors are lacking in the Hispanic market and is ready to fill in the blanks and help actors get to the goal. The last class audition will be recorded and sent to major casting directors in the Hispanic Market like Cindy Estada, Michael Sanford, and Yolanda Guillen.

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Hosting/Branding Workshop


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The world of Hosting is vast and complex and requires a definite and specific skill set. We designed this 6 week course to thoroughly prepare you for every scenario you may face. Everything from Informercials to red carpet interviews will be covered by professional working hosts! Click on the video to hear about this exciting new facet to your career! LEAP AND THE NET WILL APPEAR!

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Supercharge Mondays


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Start your week being PROACTIVE and join Foundations Teacher Jennny Schmidt and other like-minded actors for this Acting Intensive. This 4 week class meets Monday's at 9am to get you SUPER-CHARGED for your week! You will meet, make realistic goals for the week and then get an acting work-out on camera. We do more at Killian's Workshop by 10 a.m. than most actors do all day!

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