Adult Commercial Workshop LIVE IN-PERSON


Killian's 4-week Adult Workshop changed how ALL commercial workshops operate in Hollywood.  We were the first to treat class like a live audition in a WORKING casting office and recreate the experience for the actors.  During the pandemic, every aspect of casting turned to ZOOM, and actors had to learn a new way of showing their talents with the clients being in another city, watching them through a monitor.  After the pandemic, an interesting thing has occurred.  You, the actor, may be traveling to the studio to audition, but the director/clients are still giving directions via a monitor because they aren't flying to LA for the callbacks anymore.  So, as Killian's Workshop is ALWAYS the first to recreate ACTUAL audition scenarios for the actors, we are now introducing our NEW ADULT HYBRID WORKSHOP!!!  The actor will have a LIVE IN STUDIO experience for the audition, then Killian will give direction and notes via the monitor, in real-time, recreating what it will feel like to the actor in this new world.  It is truly a combination of live and virtual!  The actor will be guided through their in-person audition by working/booking alumni actors!!  This 4-week intensive workshop is truly a unique experience that will change your career!!